“Amazingly easy steps to setting up WordPress in Dreamweaver – Even beginners can do it!”

Dreamweaver and WordPress – A Powerful Combination

Are you looking to create a stunning website quickly and easily? Look no further than Dreamweaver and WordPress! In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of setting up WordPress in Dreamweaver.

Step 1: Install WordPress on Your Web Server

Before you can unleash the power of Dreamweaver and WordPress, you need a live WordPress site. You could install WordPress locally, but for this tutorial, we’ll assume you’ve already got it up and running on your web server.

Step 2: Install the WordPress Extension for Dreamweaver

To fully integrate WordPress with Dreamweaver, you need to install the WordPress extension for Dreamweaver. This extension will grant you access to WordPress features and tools within Dreamweaver. Head over to the Adobe Exchange website to download it.

Step 3: Create a New Site in Dreamweaver

You’ve downloaded and installed the WordPress extension, now it’s time to create a new site in Dreamweaver. Click “Site” in the menu bar and select “New Site”. In the “Site Setup” dialog box, input your site’s name, save location, and URL. Click “Next” to proceed.

Step 4: Connect to Your WordPress Site

To begin using Dreamweaver with your WordPress site, you must first connect them. Click “Site” in the menu bar and select “Manage Sites”. Find your site and click “Edit”. In the “Site Setup” dialog box, locate the “Servers” tab. Click “New” and enter your WordPress site’s FTP server information as well as your login credentials. Now, click “Save” to connect!

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Step 5: Open Your WordPress Site in Dreamweaver

You’ve done it! Dreamweaver and WordPress are now connected. To open your site in Dreamweaver, click “Site” on the main toolbar and select “Open Site”. In the “Site” dropdown, click to choose your WordPress site and click “Open”.

Step 6: Edit Your WordPress Site in Dreamweaver

The sky’s the limit with what you can do now that Dreamweaver and WordPress are working in tandem. In Dreamweaver, you can use the visual editor to design pages, or choose code view to work with HTML and CSS directly.

Step 7: Test Your Changes in Your WordPress Site

Now that you’ve made changes to your WordPress site in Dreamweaver, it’s time to check if everything works on your live site. Dreamweaver comes equipped with a built-in web browser for previewing changes, but you can always upload and verify changes via your WordPress site as well.


Dreamweaver and WordPress are a winning combination for creating amazing websites. By following these steps, you can effortlessly set up your WordPress site in Dreamweaver and begin crafting your dream site today!

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