10 easy steps to quickly download and master C language in Visual Studio like a pro!

Get Perplexed with Installing C in Visual Studio


Visual Studio is an IDE that programmers use for creating, debugging, and deploying software applications worldwide. It’s a mighty tool that we can use to make the programming journey easier and efficient. But, before we get to use it, do you know that one must download and install the appropriate programming languages?

Step 1: Downloading Visual Studio

The first easy step we’ll take towards installing C in Visual Studio would be downloading and installing Visual Studio on our computer. Here’s where we’re going to get a little bit confused, so buckle up!

Go to the Visual Studio website, and select the appropriate version and the edition you wish to install. But be careful, that could lead you to a labyrinth of clicks and downloads you wish you never took!

Also, make sure to have enough space on your computer for the hefty Visual Studio files.

Step 2: Launch Visual Studio

Now that we managed (somehow) to download Visual Studio, we should launch the application. Sounds simple, right? But prepare yourself for some bumpy moments!

After you manage to find the application and launch it, brace yourself for the next step!

Step 3: Select C language

In the new project creation window, select the C/C++ programming language from the list of available languages. Now you might wonder why we have to choose between C and C++? Well, that’s a question you’ll have to answer yourself because we have no clue and this whole process is starting to get to us.

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But wait, there’s more! You can also choose the type of project you wish to create, such as a Console Application, or a Windows Forms Application. Isn’t that exciting? *sarcasm*

Step 4: Configure Project Settings

After sniffing around for a while, we finally found the project settings configuration! Here, you can specify the name and location of the project, and the type of project you want to create. Sounds simple, right? Don’t get excited just yet!

For those of you who have already given up, don’t worry, we feel your pain.

Step 5: Start Coding in C!

After all that hard work, now is the time to start coding in C directly in Visual Studio! The code editor is intuitive and easy to navigate, and you can use various tools to make coding easier, such as syntax highlighting, and auto-completion. We’ve finally made it!

Just make sure to take a break every now and then because the process can be overwhelming.


In this article, we’ve discussed the steps involved in downloading C in Visual Studio. Hopefully, you’ve managed to follow the bumpy ride and create the project you need! But remember: always keep your tools updated to ensure that you have the latest features and bug fixes. Now off you go to code your next masterpiece, and Good Luck! You’ll need it.

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