10 Amazing Ways to Boost Your Credibility Using Testimonials in WordPress!

Testimonials: The Building Block to Authentic Brands

Testimonials, oh how they make a credible brand! Welcome to the online world, wherein testimonials are an essential part of your website’s structure. WordPress is a website development platform that graciously provides various ways to include testimonials in your website’s build-up. In the following article, we shall discuss how to use these testimonials effectively.

What are Testimonials?

If confused or wondering, testimonials are statements or features provided by satisfied customers expressing their positive opinions on the products or services offered by a particular business. These expressions can come in the form of quotes or even social media posts, among various others.

The main aim of these testimonials is to act as proof, thereby validating the brand’s authenticity and building trust with potential clients. When new customers consider purchasing, they are more likely to trust an opinion coming from a customer than a business’s direct marketing messages.

Why are Testimonials Essential for Websites?

Testimonials offer several benefits for a website; some of the crucial ones have been listed below:

  • Improve User Experience
  • Build Trust
  • Increase Sales
  • Build Social Proof
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These benefits not only enhance customer loyalty but also attract new customers along with validating a brand’s identity.

How to Add Testimonials to your WordPress Website?

Often wondered how to add testimonials to a WordPress website effectively? Worry not; below are some ways to implement such testimonials:

1. Use a Plugin

It is an easy and convenient way to add testimonials to your website. WordPress provides several free and paid plugins for such purposes.

Some of the most popular paid plugins for WordPress are:

  • Testimonials Widget
  • WPForms
  • Testimonial Rotator
  • HootSuite
  • Gravity Forms
  • Thrive Ovation

While choosing a plugin, ensure it fits your website’s compatibility and features along with user reviews.

2. Use a WordPress Theme

Several WordPress themes come with pre-designed testimonial features. After downloading and activating the theme, customize it as per requirement.

3. Manually Add Testimonials

For coding experts, a manual method of adding testimonials is available by using HTML, CSS, and PHP knowledge. On the WordPress dashboard, create a category named Testimonials, then design a new post accordingly. Once this is done, add pertinent details such as customer name, location, and if possible, a photo. Finally, embed the post into the WordPress website.

Best Practices in Adding Testimonials to a WordPress Website

Now that we have added testimonials and their options, it is time to consider the best practices to implement them effectively:

1. Use High-quality Visuals

Using high-quality images, videos, or graphics can evoke emotions and convince customers to view the testimonials.

2. Relevance and Diversity

Ensure that testimonials provided are relevant to the product or service, and their diversity shows different industries, age groups, and customer backgrounds.

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3. Update Regularly

Adding new testimonials regularly demonstrates that the business provides excellent products or services consistently.

4. Place Strategically

Place testimonials strategically on your website, preferably on the homepage or review page for maximum visibility.

5. Highlight Relevant Information

Spotlight essential information such as customer names, job titles, and business names to improve credibility with your clients.

6. Include a Call-to-action

End with a call-to-action button such as shop now, buy now, encouraging potential clients to score a purchase easily.


Testimonials are vital building blocks in any authentic brand. WordPress provides several ways to include and implement them on your website. High-quality visuals, regularly updated testimonials, and relevant placed strategic placements can offer an excellent overall user experience that results in optimal conversion rates.

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